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Posted on Sep 15, 2014

Orange You Scared?

Orange You Scared?

Lately, we’ve been talking about a ton of different party themes that you can use to haunt your house this Halloween. Visit this post to see the full list thus far.

We’ll be taking a look at a more conventional orange and black Halloween party theme, this time – orange you scared? Actually, there’s no reason to be scared, really. Keep on reading for the details!


These particular Halloween party supplies feature cute cartoon cats, but there’s plenty of ways to dress them up.  A black mesh spider web on top of a plain orange table cover is a great and unique way to add a little texture to the table. Feel free to mix and match party supplies, too. We just used black and orange cups, but you can work in things as wild as these plaid ones.


A large pumpkin, topped with a witch hat, makes a wonderful centerpiece for this Halloween party theme. A few fake skulls and a little bit of faux straw at each table setting looks awesome, too. In the background, we’ve hung some white, ghostly shrouds and a few fake bats to contribute to the eerie atmosphere.


Of course, you can’t have a Halloween party without guests in costume! Well, you could… but where’s the fun in that? We’ve been showing off a few other Halloween party themes where the costumes are made to match the décor to a tee. But, the best part about celebrating with a “non-themed theme” like this is that guests are free to come as they are – and by “as they are,” we mean, “in their favorite costume of any kind.”


Can you spot our motley crew from the Mad Masquerade ball? A banshee bride in her ghostly white gown made a spooky appearance, too. Freddy Krueger, Frankenstein’s monster, and a few other ghosts and goblins from our favorite frightening flicks also showed up to scare.


Superhero costumes are always a success on Halloween! Captain Miss America proved to be as popular at the party as Captain America himself.


An amazing time was had by all in costume!


As a bonus, we also decided to style these party supplies for a Halloween party for kids, too. The exact same party supplies as above have been used as the base to build upon, but we’ve created a much more kid-friendly atmosphere, with extra bursts of color.

Trick or Treat Halloween Party available at

Purple and lime green are great colors to complement the theme – shop all the plates, napkins, and cups you need right here. We’ve also swapped out the spooky spider web table cover for a simple black and white polka dotted one.

Trick or Treat Halloween Party available at

For kids who love tricks and treats, tall glass jars are a fun way to display candies. We filled a few with orange Sixlets, and others with classic candy corn. The labels are just black construction paper, written on with regular white chalk.

Trick or Treat Halloween Party available at

Serve up some orange punch in glass bottles with orange striped straws – use a few scraps of gingham fabric to tie everything up nicely. The kids will love ’em! Plus, candy apples are always the ultimate Halloween treat, but coloring them dark like this makes them even spookier.

Trick or Treat Halloween Party available at

Trust us: it won’t compromise the taste!

Are you going to be hosting a Halloween party this year? What was the best Halloween party theme you’ve ever seen? Who (or what) will you be dressing up like? Share your thoughts and party pics with us on Facebook and on Twitter @BuyCostumes! Be sure to check out all our boards on Pinterest too, where we’re always adding new sources of inspiration for Halloween costume ideas and party ideas.

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