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Posted on Oct 2, 2014

Peacock Face Paint Tutorial by Elsa Rhae

Peacock Face Paint Tutorial by Elsa Rhae

Makeup tutorials by Elsa Rhae are back on BuyCostumes! Click here to check out her other videos on our blog if you haven’t already. This time, Elsa’s stepped away from the superheroes and created a magical peacock face paint design to go with our girl’s peacock costume.

Without further ado, here’s the tutorial:

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Begin painting with blue, green, and purple face paint. Elsa made her own split cake for this purpose, but three separate solid colors will work too. Use these colors to create triangular wedge shape above the left eye – this will be the wing and body of the peacock.

Take a dark purple shade of face paint and add a circle for the peacock’s head. Connect it down to the inner corner of the same eye.

With a 1 inch wide brush, create three tear drop shapes with blue and green paint from the split cake, on the left cheek and falling away from the body of the peacock. These are going to serve as the peacock’s tail feathers.

Outline the tail feather shapes with the same color of purple paint used earlier. Use the same color to also add tear drop outlines to further define the shape of the peacock wing.

Make a final outline of the tail feathers with black face paint to make them really stand out. Use black to outline the neck and head of the peacock. End the stroke with a swirl for the peacock’s face, and add a small triangular shape for the beak.

Add some long black tear drop shapes around the wing and body of the peacock.

Add some detail around the head and tail feathers with light black fringe strokes.

Complete the tail feathers by adding a black dot to the center of each one, and add tear drop shapes to connect them to the peacock body. Apply a white dot of paint right next to the black dots.

Highlight the black tear drops around the peacock body and wing with smaller tear drops of white paint.

White dots placed all around the face paint provide a twinkling effect.

Paint the lips with the purple used earlier, and apply a purple glitter on top. Use the same purple glitter on top of the peacock head.

Add purple, blue, and green glitters to the purple, blue, and green parts of the peacock wing and body, respectively. Use the same green for the tail feathers.

The peacock face paint is now complete! This design can be adapted for adults as well as children.

About Elsa:

Elsa Rhae Pageler is a freelance video editor and producer, makeup artist, and face painter. To check out the rest of her impressive catalog of work, and get more face paint ideas, view her profiles on YouTubeFacebook, and Instagram. More exclusive makeup and face paint videos are coming from Elsa in the future, so stay tuned! We’ll be posting them all right here on the BuyCostumes Ideas Blog. View all of our makeup tips from Elsa right here.

What did you think of Elsa’s peacock face paint design? How are you going to be dressing up for Halloween this year? What kind of Halloween costume ideas should we come up with next? Let us know your thoughts by Tweeting us @BuyCostumes or connecting with us on Facebook! Check out our Pinterest boards too for even more Halloween costume ideas and inspiration.



 Video in this post produced by Elsa Rhae Pageler.

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