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Posted on Aug 4, 2015

Quick Tip: Alan, the Future of Casual Entertainment

Quick Tip: Alan, the Future of Casual Entertainment


Have you met Alan? He’s the future of casual entertainment, and the future of casual Halloween costumes.

Alan, who is actually named Keith, is a reanimated dead body covered in a layer of living skin and human tissue. He’s also a fantastic dancer, as outlined in a cut-for-time Saturday Night Live sketch starring Bill Hader.

Vanessa Bayer loves Alan, and we do, too. Alan is exactly the kind of absurdity that makes a great Halloween costume, and this is a costume that’s really easy to make:


If you don’t already own a blue sweater, white undershirt, brown shoes, and khaki pants, they’re certainly easy to find, and probably all for just a few bucks. To the thrift store!

To really complete your entire Alan Unit, you’ll also need an Alan Cube. The easiest way to make to one is to get your hands on a refrigerator box, or another large cardboard box, and cut one of the sides off. Cut large windows in the other sides and replace with plastic, if you prefer.

Since the Alan Cube isn’t exactly portable, you can also just have a square of cardboard or plywood as an Alan Cube base.

This Halloween costume is less about the costume itself and more about the in-character performance, though. You need to get every mannerism down, from the hands to the facial expression. Don’t forget the persistent hip swing, either.

There’s so many to choose from:

The Alan: Your standard, everyday Alan, for all of your standard, everyday, Alanning needs.


The More Alan: Basically the same as regular Alan, but definitely a little more.


The Total Alan: He’s not just doing thumbs up, he’s totally Alan.


The Perfect Alan: How did you ever survive without one?


However you decide to Alan is up to you. Just remember to loosen up – after all, there’s a dead man inside all of us.


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Saturday Night Live screenshots (c) NBC


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