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Posted on Nov 12, 2015

Quick Tip: DIY Undertaker Costume

Quick Tip: DIY Undertaker Costume


In case you missed it, legendary WWE superstar The Undertaker is now an acceptable choice for a Thanksgiving costume.


Well, maybe not. But that is a video of the Deadman giving a Tombstone to some poor individual in a turkey costume. Bah gawd, that bird has a family!

Aside from being hilariously and awesomely over-the-top (kind of like pro wrestling in general), The Undertaker’s Tonight Show appearance was made in anticipation of his 25th anniversary as a part of WWE.

It also might have been a sly reference to The Gobbledy Gooker, a character that debuted on the same night as The Undertaker in 1990. Everybody hated it, because it was a giant turkey in a wrestling ring, so the character was quickly abandoned.

Fun fact, Mark Calaway was actually originally slated to play Gooker instead of Taker. Wouldn’t that have been hilarious?



For all the wrestling sports-entertainment fans out there, here’s our quick guide to creating a DIY Undertaker costume. So, when your weird uncle dresses up in a turkey costume at the family get-together on Thanksgiving, you’ll have an answer.




Undertaker’s Ring Gear

The main pieces of Undertaker’s ring gear can be made with a men’s black tank top, tucked into a pair of black leather pants or cargo pants, with a black leather belt. A piece cut from the sleeve an old black long-sleeve tee can be an elbow pad. Any type of black gloves or costume gloves can be used in place of the Primetime MMA gloves that Taker wears.

Undertaker’s Boots

Black boots or combat boots work for an Undertaker costume. Many of his various sets of ring gear over the years, including his current attire, has the tops of his boots covered by pant legs, anyway.

Undertaker’s Hat

As part of his grim Old Western mortician meets demonic black wizard gimmick, The Undertaker wears a flat brimmed hat to the ring. This Spanish hat isn’t an exact match, but it’s pretty close. Now you just have to master that creepy eye thing for whenever you take it off

Undertaker’s Coat

The black trench coat or duster coat is optional for this costume idea. It is an important part of The Phenom’s entrance, but he doesn’t actually wear it while inside the ring. If you can find one, it will definitely help the look. You can substitute a mid-length leather jacket coat, too, if that’s easier to find.

Undertaker Wig

Admittedly, Taker has adopted more of a “Just For Men” hairstyle in his advanced age, but his most memorable looks from the ‘90s and ‘00s involved a head of chest-length hair. Funnily enough, the Morticia Addams wig seems to be a great fit for this, once it’s cut down to size. We suppose that’s appropriate given both characters’ obsessions with death.

Undertaker’s Makeup and Tattoos

The Undertaker just wouldn’t be spooky enough without his guyliner, so use a black eye liner pencil to re-create it. As for his copious amounts of tattoos covering his body, you can use a couple of tattoo sleeves for a quick approximation.


Get a head start on creating this DIY costume idea on


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What kind of costume ideas should we show off next? If you have an idea that you want to see, let us know about it in the comments below, or send us a note on Facebook or Twitter. Check us out on Pinterest for more DIY costume ideas like this one, too.


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