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Posted on Aug 18, 2015

Quick Tip: Green Arrow

Quick Tip: Green Arrow

Making his Golden Age comic debut in a 1941 issue of More Fun Comics, Green Arrow immediately became one of DC Comics’ most popular superheroes, alongside Batman and Superman.

Now, the archer is back in the limelight. Since it premiered a couple of years ago, Arrow is the most popular show on the CW Network, and one of the most popular superhero shows, period. The role of Oliver Queen (who actually isn’t known as “Green Arrow” throughout) is played by actor Stephen Amell, who is also going to be Casey Jones in the next TMNT movie.

He’s also a part-time professional wrestler, teaming up with the WWE’s resident superhero and “The Man Gravity Forgot,” Neville, at SummerSlam 2015. Wrestlers and comic book heroes both wear crazy costumes for sure (seriously, just check out Arrow and Neville’s opponents, Stardust and King Barrett), but that’s starting to get off on a tangent.

To make your own CW-inspired Green Arrow costume, here are a few quick tips to set you in the right direction. There’s a good chance that you have a lot of this stuff around your house already:




Green Arrow Costume

This Green Arrow jacket is just like the one worn by Stephen Amell in the show, so it’s the perfect base to start building your own DIY Arrow costume.

In a pinch, though, you can even make do with a dark green zipper hoodie. If you cut the sleeves off and layer it over a black shirt, then that will help to mimic the look even more. Really, the most important is the green hood: It’s not exactly a 100% perfect piece of cosplay, but everyone at the costume party will get what you’re going for.

Green Arrow Gloves

The Green Arrow costume we mentioned above also includes gloves. So, if you’re going to go the full-on DIY route, you’ll need to get your hands on (and in) a pair. Secondhand leather gloves from the thrift store are perfect, black or brown. If you can’t find any in the right color, introduce the cheapest pair you can find to some spray paint.

Green Arrow Mask

Lots of craft stores sell unpainted, undecorated cardboard masquerade masks. Pick one up, and paint it a dark, glossy green to make a DIY Arrow mask. Or, get a plain plastic face mask like this, cut it down into the right shape, and hit it with some spray paint. Either way, use some dark green face paint or makeup to shade in your exposed skin beneath the mask, before you put it on.

Green Arrow Pants and Boots

These are both easy: black combat boots or work boots can be found all over the place, and, unlike his comic book predecessors, Amell’s Arrow doesn’t wear green shoes. So, no need to paint them. For the pants, just wear black jeans or black leather pants to get the look.

Green Arrow’s Bow and Arrows

In the TV show, Arrow uses a pretty serious-looking recurve bow. If you’re into archery in real life (or you know someone that is), then not only is Arrow the perfect costume for you, but you can use a real bow for costume purposes.

Otherwise, a toy bow and arrow kit works perfectly – you can even paint one green to look like Arrow’s. For comedy points, go for one that shoots suction cup arrows or Nerf darts. You can even take a page from Katniss Everdeen’s playbook.



Get a head start on building this D.I.Y. Halloween costume idea:



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