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Posted on Jan 10, 2018

Quick Tip: Jessica Rabbit

Quick Tip: Jessica Rabbit


Jessica Rabbit, from the 1988 movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit, is one of the most iconic cartoon characters of the last few decades. Honestly, we wouldn’t be too surprised if more people could describe what she looks like better than Roger himself.

So, it’s not a surprise that she’s always one of the most popular choices for Halloween costumes, especially if sexy costumes are your thing. Her fan following is simply huge, even to this day.

There have even been news stories about women who love Jessica Rabbit’s look so much that they have undertaken extreme measures to replicate her extreme measurements. Models Kelly Lee Dekay and Penny Brown (slightly NSFW images in the articles linked) have had numerous plastic surgery procedures to achieve the effect, and both use tiny, tiny corsets to maintain their abdominal figures.

That’s not really our thing, but hey – to each their own.

We’re not suggesting going nearly that far in order to make your own Jessica Rabbit costume, either. In fact, it’s actually a pretty easy costume to make. You don’t even need rabbit ears:

jessica-rabbit-diy-costumeJessica Rabbit image (c) Amblin Entertainment, Touchstone Entertainment

Certainly, that swanky, slit-legged, strapless red dress is the most important piece of the entire ensemble. Jessica wouldn’t be Jessica without it, and neither would you. This one fits the bill, and it’s covered in sequins – anything similar will do just fine, though.

With the red dress taken care of, you’ll need red hair. If you’re a natural redhead, then you’re already done. Otherwise, you’ll need a red wig to emulate Jessica Rabbit’s hair.

Next up are accessories. Jessica is best known for wearing long, purple gloves, but has also been drawn from time to time in blue, black, and red gloves as well. The choice is yours. Similarly, simple heels in red or black are perfect.

Vintage or retro-style microphones, like the one Jessica sings into, can be found fairly cheaply on sites like eBay. Otherwise, any prop microphone will do.

Makeup is easy: just use your favorite red lip and you’re good to go. Add some coordinating nail polish if you’re opting to forego the gloves, and if you want to get really detailed, here’s a Jessica Rabbit makeup tutorial we found. Learn how to do her full eye makeup, including eyeshadow and penciled brows.

YouTube user dope2111


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