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Posted on Sep 30, 2015

Quick Tip: Pizza Rat Costume

Quick Tip: Pizza Rat Costume


The Internet: a limitless bastion of information, knowledge, the achievements of humanity, and cute videos of animals doing weird stuff.

Hundreds of viral animal videos blow up every single year, but there are always some that get latched onto more than others.

Last year, it was Spider Dog. This year, it’s Pizza Rat.


#PizzaRat trended hugely on Facebook and Twitter last week, and it seems like nobody can get over the adorable-ness. Is he grabbing some pizza for a sweet rat party in the subway? Or is he the real-life version of Master Splinter, venturing to the surface to bring pizza back to the Turtles?

The world may never know. But, we do know that Pizza Rat is a great idea for a low effort, easy, last-minute DIY Halloween costume idea:




All you really need to make your own Pizza Rat costume are a gray hoodie and pants, a mouse nose and ears, and piece of pizza. Alternately, you can draw a quick rat nose and whiskers onto your face with a black makeup pencil. A rat tail can be DIY’ed with something as simple as a shoelace or length of clothesline tucked into the back of your belt.

The pizza can be real or fake; it doesn’t matter. Just like funny videos on the Internet. If you’re going the fake pizza route, we recommend going all the way. After all, Pizza Rat’s piece of pizza is bigger than he is.

Create your own giant piece of pizza with foam board from the craft store or ordinary corrugated cardboard. Regular poster board has the added bonus of authenticity, since it’s way too floppy, just like New York style pizza. Just cut out a vague triangular shape, and use some markers to draw toppings. It doesn’t have to be perfect – this is a last-minute costume idea, remember?

If you’re a seriously hardcore fan of visual puns, wear your mouse accessories with a pizza costume. It doesn’t matter if nobody gets it: you know you’re hilarious.


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