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Posted on Jun 13, 2018

Sexy/Scary Vampire Makeup Tutorial by Miranda Hedman

Sexy/Scary Vampire Makeup Tutorial by Miranda Hedman


In this tutorial, YouTuber and makeup artist Miranda Hedman has created two vampire makeup looks in one. Both are made to match a sexy vampire costume, albeit with very different approaches. The first is a glamorous, Victorian vampiress, but the second look adds contacts, blood, and blackened tears for a much more horror-inspired feel.

Check out Miranda’s previous tutorial if you haven’t already seen it. Otherwise, check out the video below to learn how to recreate this amazing vampire makeup.



To see more of Miranda’s work, check out her YouTube channel and follow her pages on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and DeviantArt.

Follow along with the transcript of this video:


For the glam vamp look, I’m starting off with a pale foundation. I blend my lightest everyday foundation with a super light concealer for the vampy pale look. Then I’m using the same concealer to conceal and highlight parts of my face.

Then I use Nyx Illuminated highlight. I’m applying an eye primer so the dark shadows will stick.

The eyeshadows I’m using are from the Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette. I’m starting off with a warm brown shadow and shade all over my eyelids and I also go underneath my eyes. Then I’m using a Black Eyeshadow Pencil that I actually mistook for liquid eyeliner, but I’m so happy I was wrong – it’s the best!

So I’m just smudging it onto my eyelid and then I shade it all out with a brush. Then I’m dabbing on the Glitter Black Eyeshadow from my palette and shade. I apply some more brown underneath my eyes.

Then I’m taking the eyeshadow pencil to my waterline, and as I line it I also go outside my waterline and shade it out into a smoky eye. Then I’m using a Shimmery Wine Red Shadow and dab it onto the middle of my lid.

I line my lash line and then I curl my lashes and apply some falsies. To finish this look I’m using a Dark Red Lipstick and Lip liner.

The red dress I’m wearing is provided by and I’ll leave the name down below as well as all the products that I’m using. This look can be done without lenses but it’s totally gorgeous with some freaky ones.

And now to the Hungry Vampire! I’m wearing the contact lenses in this one. I add more of the brown eyeshadow and I brush it down my cheeks.

Then I add veins, and I’m using Purple and gray shadows with this. Using the same shade I used for contouring, I’m adding more hollows to my cheeks and some shade to my temples. I’m also adding shadows on my neck and chest for a starved illusion. I’m also adding veins to my neck.

Lastly I’m dapping on some Fake Blood with a sponge, and that’s the finished look.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial give me a thumbs up if you did. Don’t forget to subscribe and check out my social medias as well. Thanks for watching.


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