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Posted on Sep 16, 2014

Skinned Masquerade Mask Makeup Tutorial

Skinned Masquerade Mask Makeup Tutorial

Here’s the next video from our friend Bethany. We showed a sneak peek for our Mad Masquerade party theme blog, but her full video is now out! Check it out below for the how-tos on this amazing makeup idea.

More of Bethany’s makeup tutorials can be found in our makeup ideas section, and you can view the rest of her work on her YouTube channel and Instagram.

Follow along with the transcript for this video:

Hey everyone! In this tutorial, I’m going to teach you how to recreate this skinned masquerade look. It’s inspired by a picture that was sent to me that I will link it down below. I teamed up with to put out a tutorial every day this week from Monday through Friday. In this tutorial I’m wearing the BuyCostumes Maid Marian Adult Costume. If you would like to check out or their social media sites please click the links in the description box below. I hope you all enjoy this tutorial, please give it a thumbs up if you do, and now, let’s begin.

The first thing you’re going to do is take your mask and use a white eye liner pencil to outline it. This is going to give you an idea of where to place everything. To create the fake skin I’m using 3rd Degree. 3rd Degree is a silicone modeling and casting compound. It comes with two parts, Part A and Part B. You should never cross contaminate them, so I used two separate plastic knives to scoop Part A and Part B and then I mixed them together on a paper plate. You need to make sure you mix equal parts of A and B for the 3rd Degree to work. I use a spatula to apply the 3rd Degree to the outline I made with the white eyeliner and I blend the outer edges of the 3rd Degree so it blends in with my skin as I go. 3rd Degree takes about 5 to 10 minutes to harden so you kind of have to work quickly.

You can use nose and scar wax or even latex to mimic skin, but I prefer 3rd degree. It’s so much easier to work with and it washes off so easily. It’s more expensive than the other two but, so worth it if you would like to see more in depth tutorials using 3rd Degree I suggest checking out Goldiestarling on YouTube. I dabble some of the 3rd degree onto the middle of the mask to give texture to the skin.

Now I’m using a red water-activated face paint as the base of my mask. I applied it to the entire inside of my mask. It doesn’t adhere right to the 3rd degree but that’s okay. The main reason for applying the face paint is to get it onto your skin, using a small detailed paint brush to paint around the edges of the eye. To give depth to the look, I used a Red Grease Paint from my Mehron Bruise Wheel. I applied to the inside edges of the mask and then blended it into the red face paint. Also sporadically apply it around the inside of the mask. This stuff adheres better to the 3rd degree. I then take the Darker Brownish, Red grease paint in the wheel and apply it again to the inside of the mask. Blend it into the other red grease paint and sporadically apply it around the inside of the mask. You want the inside of the mask to be darkest on the outer edges to give dimension to the look.

For the blood I’m using a thick blood. Thick blood doesn’t smudge and run all over your face like the cheap vampire blood you get around Halloween time. So you want to use something that’s going to dry and stay in place but not dry to the point that it looks like fruit punch. I’m using Bloody Mary’s Deluxe Vial of Blood. This is my favorite fake blood ever. It makes the application so easy and it’s not too thick where you can’t even get the blood to come out of the jar. I just love this stuff.

I used a cream foundation to color the 3rd degree in your skin. I feel like cream foundation would adhere to the 3rd degree better than a liquid foundation, and definitely something like a powder foundation will not work. If you’re using a foundation that doesn’t quite match your skin tone make sure you blend it down your neck towards your ears.

If you want to apply some eye makeup and lipstick, go ahead – I didn’t go too fancy with that. I lined my lash line using Wet n Wilds Black Gel Liner, then applied NYX Sky Rise Mascara to my top and bottom lashes. And for my lips I used Nyx Deep Purple Liner as my lip liner and applied NYX Matte Rouge Lipstick over that.

The last thing I did was use the fake blood to make it appear like blood is dripping out of the mask. So I just used the applicator to apply it on the bottom portion of the mask and onto the top portion of the mask. I used my finger to apply the blood and I just blend a little onto my forehead. I wanted my mask to have a little bit of a more eerie fill to it so I just added blood on the mask too.

That’s it, you’re finished. I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial. Please show your support by giving the video a thumbs up. I promise to put out a bunch of Halloween looks if you continue to support my channel, and make sure you head on over to‘s Facebook page. If you would like a direct link to how I created the mask and also look into the description box below to check out and there social networking sites. So I’ll see you tomorrow Tuesday with another tutorial and again Wednesday through Friday with more looks. Take care, bye!



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