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Posted on Sep 18, 2014

Somewhere in Time Halloween Party Theme

Somewhere in Time Halloween Party Theme

We’ve been showing off our Top 10 Halloween party themes all week long, and this time it’s time to turn back the clock.

The main concept for this time traveling party idea is different decades – decorate rooms and areas in your house as if they came from separate time periods, and let your guests cross over the continuum in costume. Read on to learn about the three decade party themes we took as inspiration!

1920s costume party ideas

Whether you go for the smoky jazz club, swanky ballroom, or underground speakeasy looks, a 1920s theme fits great when serving drinks – you can just forget about prohibition. Flapper costumes and gangster costumes are two great ways to go for guests embodying this era.


Strings of pearls can be used to decorate just as easily as they can be used to accessorize your costume. Black and gold decorations along with some white sparkling wine are great for putting on the ritz.


Our speakeasy look is more black and red than gold, and features some awesome art deco lettering. Throw on a few jazz records (and by records, we mean streams from YouTube) and step back in time!


Cigars? Actually, they’re just props. Cigarette holders and fur boas are other 20s costume accessories that can be used to decorate around the room.

1950s costume party ideas

These definitely remind us of happier days, wouldn’t you agree?


Poodle skirts are the 50s costume that everyone tends to think of right off the bat. You can also dress as your favorite Grease characters, too. A Danny Zuko costume can even be as simple as a leather jacket and jeans. It’ll also work as the Fonz. Aaaaay!


The 50s party room definitely has the best food. Serve up classic bottles of cola with burgers and fries straight from the diner.


You can’t go wrong with a classic milkshake, either – but it is up to you if you want to infuse them with alcohol (we’d be okay with that).

1980s costume party ideas

Crank up the party tunes, because the 1980s themed room is perfect for dancing! Flappers more familiar with the Charleston or Twisting sock hoppers might be a little taken aback at first, but we’re sure they’ll get into it. Besides, “Thriller” is an 80s song – what could be more Halloween-ish?


We decided to go with an ultraviolet, super neon color scheme for the 80s room. How much more rad could it possibly get? Make sure to make plenty of old-school references. We covered Pac-Man, Rubik’s Cubes, and cassette tapes (the latter of which are coming back, thanks to a certain guardian of a certain galaxy).


Bright colored candy from Birthday Express can be used to get the 80s look.

Also, go for some glow sticks to turn it into a real rave.


If you want to wear sunglasses at night, of course you can. To bring the full 80s spirit, you’ll also want to rock some parachute pants and perhaps some fingerless gloves.

Are you inspired to throw a Halloween party for (and from) the ages? What are your favorite kinds of historical or decades costumes? What are you choosing for your costume this year? If you liked the party ideas in this post and want to see more like them, then let us know – share your thoughts and party pics with us on Facebook and Twitter @BuyCostumes! Be sure to also check out all of our boards on Pinterest, where we’re always adding new sources of inspiration for Halloween costume ideas and party ideas.

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