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Posted on Sep 3, 2014

Spider Woman Makeup Tutorial by Elsa Rhae

Our Spidey Senses are tingling! Recently, we sent a few costumes over to YouTuber and makeup artist Elsa Rhae and challenged her to come up with some custom face paint designs involving all of them. The proper makeup can really enhance a Halloween costume and let you turn it into something truly unique.

Today, Elsa’s showing us how to fly high as one of our favorite Marvel heroes with her Spider Woman face paint design! With this sexy Spider Girl bodysuit as inspiration, here’s what she created – check out her video tutorial below.

Follow along to get the look for your Spider-Girl costume!


Use white face paint to draw tear drops on the upper eyes.

These shapes are going to form the big, bright eye spots that everyone knows from the classic Spider-Man costume.

Fill in the outside of the face with red face paint.

Form the foundation on which to build the rest of the Spider Woman mask. It’s not an entirely red face; create points leading down the nose, across the cheeks, and along the cheek bones.

Use dark red face paint to trace the spider web lines.

The darker shade of red will set up a base for and guide you while creating the spider web pattern. Be sure to paint the vertical web lines straight, and the horizontal lines curved, for the web pattern look.

With black face paint, create the web, and outline the eye area.

This is the point where the costume really starts to pop. Black paint on top of the web lines from the last step makes them really stand out, and a black outline around the eyes defines the shapes more clearly. Outlining the entire mask gives the edges a clean look.

Paint a spider between the eye area.

Two small, overlapping circles of black paint are used to create the spider abdomen and head. Then, draw eight bending lines from the abdomen to create the spider legs – each of them should angle upwards at the end.

Use white face paint to add random accent details.

White lines and dots can be painted along the curves of the black spider webs for a cool effect. Dots around the eyes and nose make wonderful accents as well, and a small white dot was also used on the spider’s abdomen in the middle of the face.

About Elsa:

Elsa Rhae Pageler is a freelance video editor and producer, makeup artist, and face painter. To check out the rest of her impressive catalog of work, and get more face paint ideas, view her profiles on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. More exclusive makeup and face paint videos are coming from Elsa in the future, so stay tuned! We’ll be posting them all right here on the BuyCostumes Ideas Blog. View all of our makeup tips from Elsa here.

So, what did you think of Elsa’s artistry? What was the best DIY Halloween costume or most elaborate face painting you’ve ever seen on Halloween? What kind of costume ideas should we come up with next? Let us know your thoughts by Tweeting us @BuyCostumes or connecting with us on Facebook! Check out our Pinterest boards too for even more Halloween costume ideas and inspiration.

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