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Posted on May 29, 2015

Steampunk Makeup Tutorial by Love Birdy

Steampunk Makeup Tutorial by Love Birdy

Australian makeup and body paint artist Love Birdy has worked with us on tutorials before, and today she’s back with a new video. Most recently, she designed a fantasy-inspired makeup look to pair with this tribal princess costume and headdress – view that tutorial here in case you missed it. Today’s challenge: create a face paint design to match one of our women’s steampunk costumes.

The result is a stunning piece that incorporates both gears and glitter, which matches the steampunk vibe to a T. She also paired the costume with her own stockings, heels, and a silver and bronze necklace. Looks awesome! Watch her video below for the step-by-step tutorial of how to get this steampunk makeup look.

Click to expand quick step-by-step


After your base makeup is complete, begin creating the steampunk design above your right eye by applying a metallic rose color with a fluffy blush brush.


Stencil some bronze cogs into place with a dense eyeshadow dome brush. Then, use a neutral shade of eye shadow to add more gears along the edge of your face.


Begin painting the main cog with metallic copper face paint. First, make a circle with a small round brush, and place teeth around the edge.


Outline the cog with black face paint, and make square edges in order to correct any slight imperfections from earlier. Smudge some of the outline with a small flat makeup brush to create a shadow.


Draw another smaller black gear underneath the first one, and draw a silver gear behind the other two, outlined with black.


Use white facepaint to create highlights on the cogs.


Connect the gears with other machine-like lines in the background.


Add black skinny tear drops flowing away from the gear design, keeping with the natural contours of your face. Embellish with small dots and spirals.


Finish with dots of gold glitter paint in and around the design.


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Steampunk costume and accessories for women

Let us know what you thought of this costume makeup tutorial on our Facebook page, or on Twitter @BuyCostumes. Also, be sure check out more of Love Birdy’s work on her YouTube channel, Facebook page, or on


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