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Posted on Sep 19, 2014

Superheroes vs. Villains Halloween Party Theme

Superheroes vs. Villains Halloween Party Theme

Are you a superhero, or are you a supervillain? We’ve been talking about our Top 10 Halloween party themes this past week, and this one is all about that classic comic book conflict. There’s tons of ways to make this the perfect Halloween party theme for kids or for adults, and we’re going to show off a little bit of both.

Click here to visit the hub post and catch up on the other themes, or continue reading here to learn more about Superheroes vs. Villains!


That’s not green rock candy – it’s definitely Kryptonite. Fortunately, it will only hurt actual Kryptonians, so we should be fine (aside from a possible cavity).


Vintage comic book pages can be used to create fun bottle wraps. These aren’t real pages of course – just copies. But, the look is the same.


You can use superhero party supplies from Birthday Express to get a great superhero party look, too. The designs are almost taken straight from the pages of a comic book, complete with all the BAMs and POWs. Layer them together with vibrant solid color party supplies to make them even better.


Everyone loves cupcakes! There’s no time they’re ever not appropriate – make some to represent your favorite heroes at the party.  For those playing along, those are for Green Lantern, Captain America, Superman, Batman, Wolverine, and the Flash.


This cardboard cutout city skyline backdrop is great for turning your living room into the ultimate outdoor superhero setting. Then, once the mask of the Dark Knight and the Batman cape and T-shirt combo are on, it’s time to patrol the streets of Gotham. Don’t forget about your trusty Bat Gadgets, like the grappling hook and utility belt.


What couple makes for a better superheroes couples costume idea than Batman and Catwoman? (Technically, depending on which comics or cartoons or movies you’re thinking, Catwoman can be either a villain or a hero.) Of course, since it is still a Halloween party, we couldn’t skimp on the classic decorations like fake bats and spider webs in the background.


You can bet that Spider-Man approved of all those spider decorations, too! He also may or may not be responsible for the webs covering that tombstone-filled graveyard garden and for that mummified spider web cocoon corpse.


This Captain America family has the right idea – superhero costumes make great group costumes! Here are a few more shots of our superheroes and villains costume party, taken to the roof. Check them out for even more Halloween costume ideas and inspiration:

hvgroup3 hvgroup2 hvgroup

Who are your favorite superheroes or villains of all time? What are you choosing for your costume this year? Are you going to throw a Halloween party using these tips and tricks? If you liked the party ideas in this post and want to see more like them, then let us know – share your thoughts and party pics with us on Facebook and Twitter @BuyCostumes! Be sure to also check out all of our boards on Pinterest, where we’re always adding new sources of inspiration for Halloween costume ideas and party ideas.

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