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Posted on Jan 26, 2015

The 10 Best Costumes from the Miss Universe 2015 Pageant

The 10 Best Costumes from the Miss Universe 2015 Pageant

The 2015 Miss Universe beauty pageant concluded this weekend, with the title going to Paulina Vega of Colombia. Instead of her win, though, what people are still talking about today is the National Costume Contest.

Honestly, it is kind of the most interesting part of the whole thing every year. Each of the contestants wears an original costume that represents their native land, and they always go totally over the top.

A lot of the costumes were absolutely gorgeous cultural references. Miss Egypt showed off this stunning take on an Egyptian queen, and Miss Greece wouldn’t have looked out of place atop Olympus next to Athena and Aphrodite.

What we’re most interested in, though, are the more – ahem – unique costume choices. Here’s our list of the best Miss Universe pageant costumes of 2015.


Miss Germany

Miss Germany came on stage with a cloak that, when closed, bore resemblance to the Berlin Wall, graffiti and all. (Is that a Facebook logo near her left shoulder? Is that historically accurate?) At this point, it looks pretty strange. The big reveal though, is that it opens up to reveal a dress printed with scenes of a unified Germany, symbolizing the Wall’s fall.

That’s probably one of the most clever and creative costumes we’ve ever seen, to be honest. We’re really glad they decided to avoid the Oktoberfest route (and we never thought we’d be saying that).


Miss Guyana

Now there’s a rarity – a Miss Universe contestant wearing pants! It’s not sexist if it’s true; Miss Chile was the only other contestant whose costume did not involve some kind of dress or gown this year. Miss Guyana also chose to appear with her pet Tribble, clearly in an effort to appeal to all of the Trekkies on judging panel.


Miss Slovenia

Does everybody know what time it is? TULLE TIME.

It’s definitely a bold statement. We like this one a lot, but if you’re going to do something like this, you should really just go all the way.

Now that’s more like it.


Miss Great Britain

Miss Great Britain literally just wore a Royal Guard uniform without any pants, thus proving that there really are sexy Halloween costumes for every imaginable theme. She could have just been a Bond girl. That’s a sexy British costume that’s less ridiculous than some alternatives.

Other options that she could have gone with include:

  • Sexy Sherlock Holmes
  • Sexy Doctor Who (alternately: Sexy TARDIS)
  • Sexy Big Ben
  • Sexy double-decker bus


Miss British Virgin Islands

Now, to the untrained eye, this looks completely absurd.

What Miss British Virgin Islands is really doing, though, is recreating her country’s flag which features the Saint Ursula surrounded by the lamps of her followers.  Watch out world, BVI has the market cornered on vexillological costume references (and you can’t spell vexillology without LOL).

Good thing there weren’t any doors backstage, or she’d never make it.


Miss Czech Republic

We’ll be straight up with you here. We have no ideas what the cultural significance of this one is. Unless dilapidated cowboy hats are the Czech Republic’s chief export.


Miss Bolivia

She looks like Sophitia from Soul Calibur, only with clothes.


Miss Ireland

If it were any other country, we’d ask if the person who designed this was drunk at the time. But now it’s just offensive.

(Seriously though, were they?)


Miss Curacao

Next up in the category of “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Photoshopped!” is Miss Curacao, who dressed like a giant cocktail, complete with a giant, Flava Flav clock-esque bottle of Blue Curacao liqueur. In her defense, Blue Curacao and Little League baseball are just about the only two things Curacao is known for in the United States, and it would be even weirder to make a dress out of 12-year-old boys.


Miss Canada

This is just a masterpiece.  We’re going to have to break it down step by step.

Hockey skate-inspired high heel boots. Okay, this is fine. Hockey is a huge part of Canadian culture, so we’d expect to see it incorporated pretty heavily, even if it is a little stereotypical. They actually look pretty cool, too.

Hockey jersey-inspired top. Save for the crest emblazoned on the front, this looks like it could be part of a legitimate gown. Again, we’re totally okay with this.

Actual hockey elbow pads and shoulder pads. We’re starting to get a little weird now. If they were dressed up with sequins or faux jewels like the rest of the costume, that would make a little sense and provide a little more continuity, but it looks like the designer just said, “Holy crap, the show is in 10 minutes and Miss Canada has naked arms! We can’t have that. Throw some pads on there.”

Wings made out of hockey sticks. We want the lamps back.

A tiny Stanley Cup hat. We’ll be honest, we didn’t even notice this bit at first, and that makes it so much better. When the rest of costume is so crazy that a replica of a major sports trophy strapped to the wearer’s head isn’t the strangest thing about it, that’s really something special.

The scoreboard. There is a scoreboard attached to Miss Canada’s body. This is not even aesthetically pleasing any more. You’d think they’d have at least made it read “CANADA – UNIVERSE” instead of just “HOME – GUEST,” or spiced it up with something other than standard red digital numbers and yellow Verdana font.

Hockey goal skirt. At least, we kind of have to assume that that’s a hockey goal, right? After all, everything else is hockey themed. She’s even holding a goalie stick and the skirt is being held open with giant hockey pucks. In other words, the dress was literally designed to accommodate scoring between the wearer’s legs. We can do nothing but tip our hats to the designer for getting it through the review process.

The wig. By the way, this whole thing was a Marie AntoiNETte pun, but you probably didn’t notice because there’s a woman dressed like a hockey goal.


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