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Posted on Sep 2, 2014

The Orange List: Top Halloween Party Themes

The Orange List: Top Halloween Party Themes

Can you feel it? Halloween season is in the air! We’re celebrating Orange Tuesday by showing off 10 amazing Halloween party themes that you can use to host the best bash on the block.

All throughout Halloween season, we’ll be updating this post with more details on each of our themes, but we’ll give you a small taste of each one for now. Read on for inspiration!

1. Frightening Flicks

Click here to learn more about this theme!

We were inspired by our favorite classic horror films for this costume party theme. Freddy, Jason, and Mr. and Mrs. Frankenstein were all there!

Since you can’t really go to Elm Street, bring Elm Street to the party with this sign

Brick wall backdrops, cobwebs, and chains all contribute to the movie magic. 

2. Ghost White

Click here to learn more about this theme!

This all-white color scheme boasts plenty of ghosts to spook the guests. Skeletons, shrouds, and an all-around uneasy feeling give this party a chilling atmosphere.

BuyCostumes WhiteParty


Skulls and tombstones on the table look great alongside ghostly white candies and treats.


Ghost costumes are a must! Party patrons should look the part. 

3. Mad Masquerade

Click here to learn more about this theme!

Have a Mardi Gras mashup for Halloween! Bringing Halloween to a classy masquerade ball is a creative way to go, with guests dressed in their best masquerade costumes.

Masquerade masks can be used as decorations, too.

Plan your party decorations around the colors of your costume!

4. Medieval Malice

Click here to learn more about this theme!

Here’s one for the history buffs: go “ye olde school” this Halloween! Make use of Renaissance fair costumes, and decorate your whole house into a medieval era castle.

Silver candlesticks and gold goblets make the perfect table settings. Add some doubloons for good measure!

Even the menu can be made with “medieval” in mind, and walls can be adorned with swords and shields.

5. Orange You Scared?

Click here to learn more about this theme!

This theme is our take on a classic orange and black Halloween party. Tombstones, witch hats, and pumpkins complement the decorations, and tables are topped with black spider webs.

Spooky skulls and cartoon cats make a fun combination that all ages can enjoy.

This theme lets your guests get creative with costumes!

6. Princesses on Ice

Click here to learn more about this theme!

Our other Halloween parties specialize in building chilling atmospheres, but this one is positively Frozen! If you’re the proud parent of a couple of princesses, then Frozen costumes and a Frozen party theme are perfect for Halloween.

Find Frozen party supplies on Birthday Express.

Plates, napkins and even the balloons have designs taken right from the movie!  

7. Scary Tales

Click here to learn more about this theme!

For this theme, we decided to turn our favorite fairy tales into scary tales! The Wizard of Oz and Disney Princess costumes are great fits.

Creepy, bloody candles and bones are what really gives this party it’s spook.  

Be sure your accessories are accurate! They can be used to enhance décor, as well.  

8. Somewhere in Time

Click here to learn more about this theme!

This Halloween party is a trip through time – decorate different spaces around the party as different decades and have guests represent them with costumes. For example, flapper costumes would fit with the 20s room…

…and poodle skirts and saddle shoes fit with the 50s area!

We got really colorful with the 80s decorations – have you ever seen anything more rad than that?

9. Superheroes vs. Villains

Click here to learn more about this theme!

It’s a battle between good and evil! Ask some of your guests to attend in superhero costumes, and some to attend with villain costumes.

Skulls and spiders seem like they belong in every villain’s lair.

A rooftop setting works wonders with this party theme idea.

10. Zombie Apocalypse

Click here to learn more about this theme!

A gory and ghastly zombie scene is perfect for a Halloween party – use zombie costumes, fake blood, tons of chains, and spooky fence to get the look.

Real brains aren’t too tasty, but these zombie cupcakes definitely are!

There’s a new take on “brain freeze” – chill your drinks with a zombie ice bucket.

Are you going to be hosting a Halloween party this year? What was the best Halloween party theme you’ve ever seen? Share your stories and party pics with us on Facebook and on Twitter @BuyCostumes! Check out our Pinterest boards, too, for even more amazing Halloween party ideas and costume ideas.

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