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Posted on Aug 21, 2014

Top 10 Decades Costumes

Top 10 Decades Costumes

It’s throwback Thursday – ready to turn back the clock? Today’s top ten list is all about dressing as our favorite decades (we decided to go a little more current, after our last list about the best historical costumes). To see the rest of our lists of costume themes, visit the Top 10 Halloween Costumes page. Otherwise, keep on scrolling right here!

20s gangster yeah see

#10. 1920s Gangster Costume

You’re the swellest trigger man in the biz! Better give these coppers a taste of that Chicago lightning when the job’s done, or we’re all in a pinch, see?

purple leisure suit

#9. Purple Leisure Suit

Can you feel the cheesy disco sleaze physically permeating your computer screen? Don’t worry if you’re not a fan of purple – you can also get electric lime and bright green plaid! Classy. As an equally classy bonus, this suit also functions as a lovely pimp costume.


#8. Grease – Danny Zuko Costume

It’s a movie from the 1970s, about the 1950s, that’s still popular in the 2010s. Why not? You can even be any greaser guy with a leather jacket like this, like Fonzie from Happy Days. ( is not responsible for bodily self-harm incurred by punching broken appliances.)

groovy disco

#7. The Grooviest Disco Shirt in the Entire Known Universe

You’re not going to believe this, but this costume actually comes with that afro wig, too. We know – it’s perfect.

#6. Zoot Suit Costume

Say, how’s this now for a slick set of glad rags? You and your dame’ll go paint the town and give ‘em the heebie jeebies, see? It’s the cat’s pajamas!


#5. Discolicious

One-half disco, one-half delicious. Be sure to practice your moves before Halloween!


#4. Flower Child Hippie Costume

One of the most far-our costumes in our whole collection! Smoke-filled van with beaded curtains not included.

80s rapper

#3. 80s Rapper Costume

Shiny gold parachute pants? Check. See-through black mesh shirt? Check. Giant gold chain and wraparound sunglasses? Check and double-check. Just be forewarned that other party guests will fully expect you to bust out a freestylin’ old school jam if you wear this.

poodle skirt

#2. Poodle Skirts

It’s another throwback to Grease – take on the role of Sandy and hit up Halloween with Danny, too. Tell us how the party goes if you choose this look (and then tell us more, tell us more).

flapper 1

#1. Classic Black Flapper Dress

It’s the perfect getup for hitting the town and taking in the scene at a smoky jazz club, and tons of other flapper dresses are available as well. Combine any of these flapper gals with a gangster guy for a great couples costume.

Are you going retro for Halloween this year? What’s your favorite throwback costume ever – or, what were you actually wearing back in the day that would make a good costume now? What kind of costumes should we show off on our next list? Share your thoughts with us (and your embarrassing #tbt photos) on Facebook and on Twitter @BuyCostumes! Be sure to take a look at our Pinterest boards as well, to get even more awesome costume ideas for Halloween.

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