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Posted on Aug 19, 2014

Top 10 Historical Costumes

Top 10 Historical Costumes

From Ancient Egypt to Greece and Rome, we’re talking about Historical Costumes on this week’s list. Renaissance festivals are as popular as ever (click here to read about our Top 10 Renaissance costumes while you’re at it) and shows like Game of Thrones are piquing interest as well. Read about our Top 10 Historical costumes below, or visit the Top 10 Halloween Costumes hub right here!

victorian lady

#10. Victorian Lady Costume

Prim and proper indeed! This is the perfect costume to wear when gracing a Halloween party with your presence.

pilgrim man

#9. Pilgrim Man Costume

Bonus points if you bring along a giant stuffed animal turkey as a prop. This one is also fun to save and bring out again for Thanksgiving, to get some laughs at a family gathering or wear for a “Turkey Trot” fun run. The same goes for the female Pilgrim costume, too.

cave man

#8. Cave Dweller/Cave Man Costume

Troglodytes unite! You could say that this is our most historical costume of all, chronologically speaking. It’s also one of the most period-accurate costumes in our entire collection, constructed of genuine pelts from the rare and prehistoric Polyester Leopard.

roman empress

#7. Roman Empress Costume

Rule your subjects with an iron fist! Adapt this into a Game of Thrones costume, or wear it to a toga party. Speaking of which…

#6. The Classic Toga Costume

Come on now, you’re not fooling anyone with that bed sheet toga. If you’re going to a costume party, you might as well blow people away with the real deal! For the ladies, there’s also a sexy Caesar costume that matches nicely to create a great couples look.

pharaoh treasure

#5. The Pharaoh’s Treasure Egyptian Costume

Don’t be afraid to back dat asp up when wearing this sexy Cleopatra-inspired look.

colonial man

#4. Colonial Man Costume

“Come now, good sirs and madams, for this costuming attire is verily most proper!” That’s how you are required to speak when wearing a costume like this. It also presents the irresistible opportunity to create your own Joseph Ducreux memes in real life (disregard funds; acquire vestments for The All Hallows’ Evening). It even comes with a jabot. Does your Halloween costume have a jabot? We didn’t think so.

Jabots are cool.


#3. Medusa Costume

Not only is Medusa one of our favorite mythological figures, but it’s one of our favorite classic ’80s thrash metal songs, too. Most people at the party will probably only recognize the first one though.

king tut

#2. Egyptian Pharaoh/King Tut Costume

‘Da Nile isn’t just a river in Egypt; it’s the state of mind possessing those who believe it’s not necessary to dress up for Halloween.


#1. Classic Cleopatra Costume

Nuts, we already used up our best Egyptian-themed costume joke on that last one. Oh well.

It’s no surprise that Cleo is number one, since she’s one of the best-known (and best-looking) female figures from all of history.

Are you planning on turning back time this Halloween? What was the best throwback Halloween costume you’ve ever seen – or worn yourself? Let us know your thoughts and tell us about your favorite costumes of all time on Facebook and on Twitter @BuyCostumes! For even more awesome costume ideas and inspiration, be sure to take a look at our Pinterest boards as well.

Click here to view the complete collection of Historical Costumes on

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