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Posted on Aug 28, 2015

Top 10 Plus Size Halloween Costumes

Top 10 Plus Size Halloween Costumes

Today’s top 10 costumes list is all about plus costumes.  Check out that link to shop the entire selection on, click here to see more top 10 Halloween costumes lists, or keep on reading here to learn about our favorite plus picks.

#1. The Vampiress of Versailles

This 18th Century-inspired design is one-half Marie Antoinette, one-half classic horror, and completey drop-dead gorgeous. Layered petticoats and a satin gown with lace embellishments make it one of our favorites, period. Add some vampire fangs and you’re good to go.

You can also pair this costume with Dracula or another vampire to create an amazing couples costume look.

#2. Cleopatra

At this point, we’d add a joke about “walking like an Egyptian,” but those are nearly as ancient as the pharaohs themselves. Instead, just consider emulating one of the strongest and most beautiful women from all of history, Cleopatra, when deciding on a look for Halloween.

The floor-length gown of this Queen Cleopatra costume features a simple gold tie across the waist, sheer skirt with hieroglyph print, and matching bangles with drapes of blue fabric. Golden beaded headpieces and gold asp armbands are the perfect accessories for this look.

#3. Greek Goddess

Take your rightful place atop Mount Olympus alongside Hera and Aphrodite with this Greek Goddess costume. This little black dr– toga features smartly contrasting gold trim for a unique look.

Also, the whole pantheon of Greek Gods and Godesses makes a great group costume. Use toga costumes as the bases, and build off of that with accessories. For example, Zeus can have DIY thunderbolts, Athena can have a sword and shield, Artemis can have a bow and arrow, and Dinoysus can have a goblet of wine.

#4. 1920s Flapper Dress

Take a trip back in time to the roaring twenties – smoky speakeasies and jazz clubs were all the rage, filled with gangster guys and flapper gals. For Halloween, bring that scene to life with ’20s inspired costumes like this.

This silver flapper dress is one of our faves (click here to shop more styles of flapper costumes). With it’s silver fringe and glimmering glitz, you’ll be dancing into the next decade. Pair with simple black heels and a fur boa to really complete the look.

#5. 1920s Gangster Costume

Man, it feels good be a gangster. Who ever said only guys were allowed to channel their inner Al Capone, anyway? Don your feathered fedora and paint Halloween night red with this pinstriped dress, you deadly dame.

Obviously, this look does go great with flapper outfits and other 1920s costumes if you’re putting together a group costume with some friends. If your guy’s feeling particularly adventurous, there’s nothing stopping him from putting a flapper dress on, either. A tommy gun purse is the perfect accessory.

#6. Cinderella

Disney released their live action movie reboot of Cinderella in 2015, complete with updated and reimagined costumes for all of the characters, but we just can’t help but love the classic look. Her magical blue ball gown from the 1950s animated film is just too good to ignore.

This Cinderella dress is completely authentic in every way, too. Bring out your inner princess this Halloween with Cinderella’s gown and glass slippers.

#7. Snow White

Another classic Disney Princess: the fairest of them all, Snow White (she was the first Disney Princess, too, for that matter). For this look, a just-above-the-knee skirt, some heels, and a big red hair bow brings the sassy vibe. Naturally, don’t forget to bring a poison apple prop along with you.

Click here to browse through even more Disney Princess costumes for adults.

#8. Nurse Costume

The “sexy nurse costume,” admittedly, might be a bit stereotypical, but there’s nothing wrong with that at all. In fact, it’s such a common trope that wearing a classic nurse costume like this is easy to do ironically and with a sense of humor – just be sure to drop plenty of cheesy medical puns and innuendoes.

Besides, nurse costumes have plenty of potential for horror on Halloween, too. If you’ve played the Silent Hill games, or seen the movies, then you know what we’re talking about. A few bloody bandages or some zombie makeup can easily turn your sexy nurse in to a scary one.

#9. Renaissance Royalty

Putting Renaissance faires and festivals aside for a moment, Renaissance costumes and outfits inspired by the era are hotter than ever right now, thanks to shows like Game of Thrones. Whether or not you fancy yourself a modern-day Daenerys Targaryen, costumes like this are a great Halloween pick.

This Medieval Enchantress costume features a burgundy gown with sheer sleeves and golden embellishments. Knights in shining armor from all across the kingdom won’t be able to resist.

#10. Oktoberfest Costume

Oktoberfest is only our second-favorite fall holiday, but like Halloween, it comes with its fair share of costume ideas. Plus, if you’re a big enough fan of celebrating German culture (and, you know, drinking), you can double-up on dress-up and break out the same costume for both occasions.

This fancy fraulein fits right in behind the bar or at a Halloween party. Put your hair in some basic braids to complete the look, and grab a beer stein to use as a prop.


How do you think we did with our list? What kind of costume ideas should we come up with next? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook and on Twitter @BuyCostumes! Check out our Pinterest boards too, for even more Halloween costume ideas.


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