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Posted on Sep 12, 2014

Top 10 Superhero Costumes for Adults

Top 10 Superhero Costumes for Adults

In our last list, we talked about the best superhero costumes for kids. This time, we’re showing of the Top 10 superhero costumes for adults. Of course, by “adults” we really just mean “big kids.”

Gamora and Star Lord are a couple of our more recent favorites, but Guardians of the Galaxy costumes got edged out today, and so did Spider-Man. Yes, really. Continue reading to see which heroes made it! (You can also catch up on other Top Tens right here.)

wonder woman adult

#10. Classic Wonder Woman Costume

Diana’s classic corset and star-spangled skirt make for a Halloween look that’s both strong and sexy. Warning: do not attempt to deflect real bullets with these bracers. They are made of foam and you will literally die.

802632 thor

#9. The Avengers Thor Costume

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before, but it’s so obviously hammer time that we can’t help ourselves from using that pun. Sorry.

27266 supergirl

#8. Classic Supergirl Costume

We’re pretty sure she could beat up Superman any day. The most important life lesson we learned from the Superman comics and cartoons is that touching green, glowing rocks from other planets will probably kill you.

803271 catwoman

#7. Catwoman Costume

Not only is this a great look for Halloween, but it’s a great look for breaking into and stealing from mansions, too (just kidding, don’t do that). Also note that this is the Anne Hathaway Catwoman costume, and not the Halle Berry Catwoman costume. We don’t talk about that one.

#6. She-Ra Costume

By the power of Grayskull! It might seem a little odd to see She-Ra from Masters of the Universe in a popularity list dominated by Marvel Comics and DC Comics superheroes, but you have to keep in mind that this is the Internet, where weird stuff happens sometimes.

805467 batgirl

#5. 1960s Batgirl Costume

Here’s a blast from the past – the classic Batman TV series starring Adam West might be most well-known for its theme song and Robin’s ridiculous catch phrases, but Batgirl’s costume never goes out of style. By the way, the show also predicted the ending of The Dark Knight Rises decades in advance. (Spoiler alert, obviously.)

69925 iron amn

#4. Iron Man Costume

This look is based on Tony Stark’s Iron Man Mark 6 suit from the latest Iron Man movie. Unfortunately, flight and genuine armoring capabilities are not available at this time. The chest piece really does light up though, so that’s pretty cool.

32971 batman

#3. The Dark Knight Batman Costume

It was popular in our kids list, and it’s popular here too. Pro tip: To create your own authentic Christian Bale Batman voice, all you have to do is shout every word with a big breath of air, and try to keep your lips from touching each other. Trust us; it makes more sense outside of text-only form. Sandpapering your throat should also help.

806182 widow

#2. Black Widow Costume

Slinky and sexy, Black Widow is the perfect Halloween costume for those who want to kick ass, take names, and look great. This is the version of Widow’s skin suit comes from Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Speaking of which…

802635 capn mericuh

#1. Captain America Costume

Big shocker, right? It seems these days that just about everyone has a little Captain in them. This look is the classic red, white, and blue Cap, but the costumes from the movie look awesome, too. Also, click here to check out our Captain America makeup tips, from YouTuber Elsa Rhae.

Who is your favorite superhero? Will you be dressing up like for Halloween? What kind of costume ideas should we come up with next? Share your thoughts with us on Facebook and on Twitter @BuyCostumes! Check out our Pinterest boards too, for even more Halloween costume ideas.

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  2. Excellent read, I am very tempted by the black widow costume! Would be a great bedroom item too 😉 Lila

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