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Posted on Aug 12, 2014

Top 10 Tuesdays: Funny Costumes

Top 10 Tuesdays: Funny Costumes

Oh boy, like we needed more of an invitation to come up with terrible jokes. This week, the joke’s on you… or it will be, if you wear one of these costumes! Ha ha ha! (There’s no way that line’s original, is there? Oh well.)

We’re talking about the Top 10 Funny Costumes this week. Click here to check out our Top 10 Halloween Costumes lists of weeks past.


#10. Bacon Costume

This costume is part of a balanced breakfast! Don’t actually try eating it, though. You will probably die almost immediately.


#9. Peanut Butter and Jelly Couple’s Costume

Are you tired of slathering your body in peanut butter? Does your significant other balk at the idea of being covered in jelly? Now, you can simulate all of that wholesome taste with none of the mess! Order now for only one low payment of $39.99!

bacon and eggs

#8. Bacon and Eggs Costume

This one is two spaces above the other bacon costume because it has two extra bacon strips. That’s just math.

lederhosen morphsuit

#7. Lederhosen Adult Morphsuit

Silly hat? Check. Form-fitting gold Spandex? Check. Alcohol? Double check. What more could you possibly ask for when it comes to funny costumes? Quite clearly, this one has it all, but you can always choose another Morphsuit if this one just isn’t for you. As they say in Germany, “Wir haben keine Ahnung, was dieser sagt, entweder. Ach ja!

#6. The Classic Banana Costume

Amusing things to do with a banana costume:

potato heads

#5. Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head

All the puns we can think of for these characters are too vulgar.


#4. Pizza Slice Costume

“It’s not delivery, it’s da life of the party!”

We’re actually ashamed of that one.

man eating shark

#3. Man-Eating Shark Costume

This is a great costume to wear if you want to show your love for the greatest cinematic masterpiece of our time, that is, Sharknado 2: The Second One. Other ideas for Sharknado costumes include the Sharknado itself and this chest-bursting Sharknado shirt. Smother yourself in a copious amount of fake blood and you’re good to go.


#2. Taco Costume

Are you getting sick of our jokes? Wanna sit down and taco ‘bout it?


#1. Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty

Because nothing says, “Holy cow, that’s a huge beard” quite like a Duck Dynasty costume. Si was one of our costume kings last year, and now Phil’s joined him too.

What’s the funniest Halloween costume you’ve seen? Have you ever gotten laughs with a costume you wore before? What were you? Share your stories with us on Facebook and Twitter @BuyCostumes! Check our Pinterest boards for more funny costumes and costume ideas, too.

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