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Posted on Oct 6, 2014

Top 10 Villain Costumes and Villainess Costumes

Top 10 Villain Costumes and Villainess Costumes

With Halloween rapidly closing in, it’s time to talk about one of the best (or worst, depending on your viewpoint) Halloween costume themes – villains! After all, nice guys finish last, right? Keep on reading to discover our Top 10 Villain and Villainess Halloween costumes:

Top 10 Villain Costumes

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#10. Skeletor Costume

If you choose to dress up as He-Man’s arch nemesis, you’re required to end every sentence with a healthy “Nyahh!” (It really is one of those costumes that needs an impression to go with it.) Also, if you’ve been following along, She-Ra appeared on our top 10 superhero costumes list. So did this.


#9. Deathstroke Costume

Deathstroke has, at times, acted as a hero (or antihero), but he’s typically been one of the central adversaries of the Teen Titans. This costume reflects his look from the upcoming Arkham: Origins game. Not only does he have one of the coolest supervillains names ever, but he also provided some loose inspiration for Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza, the creators of Deadpool. (Speaking of which, have you seen that Deadpool test footage yet?)


#8. Boba Fett Costume

Everyone’s favorite Star Wars bounty hunter!* Our Boba Fett costumes run the whole gamut, from your standard Halloween costumes, to hyper-realistic collectors’ editions with tremendous attention to detail. There’s a female Boba Fett costume, too.

*Unless yours is Jango Fett. (We got you covered.)


#7. Stormtrooper Costume

Right on cue – just like Boba Fett, there are Stormtrooper costumes in all shapes and sizes (seriously, there’s even one for your dog). Variations include the Death Trooper, Star Wars Rebels Stormtrooper, and the female Storm Trooper head to toe look.

#6. Dr. Evil Costume

Hey, nice Michael Myers costume! You don’t need one, million, dollars to look good on Halloween.


#5. Two Face Costume

Here’s a fun fact: the giant coin and various coin props that belong to Two Face originally belonged to a guy named the Penny Plunderer, a Batman villain so lame that DC erased him from their universe. His gimmick was stealing pennies (only pennies… for real), so we can’t really blame them. We did a whole write-up on bad Batman villains the other week; be sure to check it out if you haven’t already.


#4. Electro Costume

Jamie Foxx had the benefit of CGI in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but you’ll probably have to get by with a mask for Halloween. If you’re super crafty and make up your own Electro makeup, share your pics with us on Facebook and Twitter!


#3. Darth Vader Costume

Are you surprised Darth Vader is in the top 3? He’s Darth freaking Vader. Darth Vader costumes are going to be popular forever, and with Disney set to release a whole trilogy of Star Wars films in the coming years, expect to see a big resurgence in Star Wars fandom as a whole.


#2. The Winter Soldier

Just as Captain America costumes from The Winter Solider are proving to be hugely popular (check out our top 10 superhero costumes for kids and top 10 superhero costumes for adults), The Winter Solider himself is one of the most popular villain costumes this year.


#1. The Dark Knight – Joker Costume

Because nobody wants to wear Tom Hardy’s fluffy Bane coat at a crowded party, and because Batman v. Superman isn’t out until 2016, that’s why. This costume is from the Grand Heritage collection, which means it’s extraordinarily true to the source. You’ll have to provide the Heath Ledger impression yourself, though.

Top 10 Villainess Costumes

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#10. G.I. Joe female Cobra Commander Costume

Cobras don’t have to be kings, you know. Be the queen in command of all of Cobra’s forces, and take G.I. Joe down this Halloween.


#9. Ursula Costume

We love Ursula as a Disney villain, but honestly her whole plan kind of would have failed immediately had Ariel remembered that she knew how to write. Seriously, she’s even shown writing her name on Ursula’s contract. She couldn’t have written, “Hey Eric, I need you to kiss me to break this crazy sea witch spell, come on and be a bro” any time during those three days?


#8. G.I. Joe Baroness Costume

She’s Cobra Commander’s right-hand man (left-hand lady?) and is one of the premier authorities on kicking ass and taking names. Also, what other sexy costumes can rock hipster glasses so effortlessly? Baroness was a villainess before it was cool.


#6. Harley Quinn Costume

The Harley and Ivy duo is complete! This version of Harley’s costume is from Arkham City, but here’s one a little more reminiscent of the comics. Shop the head-to-toe Harley look right here.


#5. Ravenna Costume

Ravenna is the Evil Queen’s name from Snow White and the Huntsman, 2012’s grittier take on the original Brothers Grimm fairytale. Did you know that her animated Disney counterpart was named Queen Grimhilde in full? She’s pretty funny in real life.


#4. Catwoman Costume

Wait a second; Catwoman was one of our top 10 superhero costumes, too. She’s higher up on this list, though. (It was kind of a jerk move bringing Batman to Bane to get his spine broken.)


#3. Cruella De Vil Costume

Nothing says “villain” quite like murdering puppies! If you want to channel your cruelest Cruella this Halloween, check out this Cruella makeup tutorial by our YouTuber friend Bethany. She turns this black and white Cruella wig into a look right out of the movie!


#2. The Wicked Witch of the West Costume

This year is the 75th anniversary of the classic Wizard of Oz movie, which means the Wicked Witch is as popular as ever. Wizard of Oz costumes make great group costumes, too. If you’re attending a Halloween party with a bunch of friends, that could be the perfect choice!


#1. Maleficent Costume

If someone told you to think of any Disney villain, you’d probably think of Maleficent. Sure, her own movie just came out this year, but she’s been the icon of evil in Disney films for decades – she even had a huge role in the original installment of the Kingdom Hearts video game series.

Would you rather be a good guy or a bad guy this Halloween? What’s your favorite Halloween costume of all time? What kind of Halloween costume ideas would you like to see from us next? If you liked this post and want to see more like it, let us know! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to share your thoughts, and check out the rest of our costume ideas on Pinterest, too.

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  1. Catwoman is NOT a villain, så why is there shown costumes of Catwoman when I search for villain costumes??

  2. She wasn’t very nice that’s for sure!
    So villain probably suits her best!

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