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Posted on Jul 16, 2019

Top Make Up Looks for Halloween 2019

Top Make Up Looks for Halloween 2019

Creating ultimate Halloween Costumes is always fun, but a lot of people seem to think that simply purchasing a costume and a few complimentary accessories is all they can do for their night of Halloween costume parties, trick-or-treating with their friends, or for fan conventions, like Comic Con. But, with a steady hand and a few simple tutorials, it’s simple to make yourself look perfect from head to toe with fun make up looks as well!

There are plenty you can choose from, and you’ll be able to compliment your costume with any kind of fun design! You can find exceptional designs from popular movie and television shows like scary clowns or other Halloween properties, you can make yourself or one of your little heroes even more heroic with some fun female crime fighter looks, and there are even incredible full-face makeup options you can use for an all-over cover!

Tim Burton Inspired Make Up Looks

Tim Burton’s macabre, twisted mind comes up with some unforgettable designs, and it’s never been easier to add some of them to your next night of dressing up. These perfectly Halloween make up choices include designs from two of his most famous movies.

Your first option is the sharp-dressed man from his 1990 movie, Edward Scissorhands. By following the Edward Scissorhands Makeup Tutorial, you can give yourself (or someone else) the sharp cheekbones, dark, sunken eyes, and narrow lips of the character that launched Johnny Depp to stardom.

Or, why not go for a more colorful look that makes you a king of the Halloween scene! The Mad Hatter Halloween Makeup Tutorial is the perfect choice for diving into a fantasy world and being the number one guy at your next big party. You’ll learn how to get the bright eyes, the wild eyebrows, and all the other special details of this wonderful character.

Sexy Make Up Looks

Trying for something that is sure to get the blood pumping? You can turn yourself into a character who draws the eyes and stops guys in their tracks when you walk into the costume party. You’ll be looking sharp for your next night of fun, especially when you take a look at these sexy make up options.

When you take a look at the Sexy Pirate Makeup Tutorial, you’ll have the information you need to turn a perennially popular costume into something unforgettable. Saucy is an understatement – the buccaneers at your next party will declare you their captain in an instant. Pair with a beautiful pirate costume to become someone they’ll never want to forget!

Clown Make Up Looks

Clowns are funny, they’re scary, and they can be everything in between with these costume make up ideas! Clowns require at least a little bit of make up to help them look their best for a night of Halloween fun, trick-or-treating, or other reasons to dress up, and now you have plenty of options to choose from.

If you’re trying to become a colorful clown who wants to get the guys looking in your direction, try the Cute Clown Makeup Tutorial! There are plenty of bright, eye-catching colors, and details that accentuate your finer features, so you’re sure to be laughing by the end of the night!

On the other end of the spectrum, bring real fear to your next night of Halloween costumes with the Scary Clown Halloween Makeup Tutorial! Even with all the colors available, it’s easy to create something that will linger in the other guests’ nightmares!

Finally, if you’re trying to figure out exactly what kind of clown you want to mimic, take a look at our list of 10 Scary Clowns to Inspire Your Next Halloween Costume!

Pretty and Unique Make Up Looks

There are plenty of costumes that don’t need a whole lot of extra additions to make them perfect, but there’s still things you can do to make sure your night of dressing up is something to make you memorable.

Become either of the famous Frozen sisters with the help of the Elsa Frozen Makeup Tutorial, or the Anna Frozen Makeup Tutorial. Elsa will be slinging her special ice magic, and Anna will start her journey to keep her sister safe from herself, and either look is great for a little Disney fan!

Steampunk is a fabulous visual style, but it doesn’t leave a lot of room for makeup, what with watches, top hats, canes, and goggles. However, with the help of the Steampunk Makeup Tutorial, you can add a little bit of gearwork to your own face, to complete the look and get everyone turning to you!

Finally, become the celebrated princess of a Native American tribe with a colorful and natural look with the help of the Tribal Princess Makeup Tutorial!

Female Superhero Make Up Looks

Superheroes have never been more popular, with DC Comics and Marvel movies coming out about once every two months, and now you can get a fun make up look to become a perfectly pretty crim fighter all the criminals will remember for months to come!

First off, lead the armed forces in an attack on Red Skull’s fortress with the help of the Captain Miss America Makeup Tutorial, and become a character the armed forces will also rise to salute. There’s also the Spider Woman Makeup Tutorial, which can make you into a friendly neighborhood web-slinger for your night of costumes, candy, and fun!

Full Face Paint Make Up Looks

Want to cover yourself from head to toe in beauty for your Halloween or other event? There are some really cool full-face paint looks you can try on that make sure you’re ready for anything! First off, become one of the famous yellow beings who help Gru with his dastardly plans with the help of the Minions Halloween Face Paint Tutorial, and if you want to become a deadly jester that will bring the Batman down, take a look at the Harley Quinn Sugar Skull Makeup Tutorial!


Make sure your look becomes something fun and unique this Halloween! These make up tutorials will help you get something the other party guests will be able to remember. Stretch your makeup skills to make a fun character and look your best!

Want to share your Halloween make up ideas with us? Send us a pic on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and you can find more fun makeup tutorials, blogs, and other fun costume information on Pinterest or Youtube.

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