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Posted on Oct 1, 2019

Top Scary Make Up Looks for Halloween 2019

Top Scary Make Up Looks for Halloween 2019

Halloween is a time of frights and spooks, so why not put in the extra effort to turn yourself into one of the most terrifying looks the other party guests will ever see with the help of some of these scary make up ideas! People love to see scary costumes during the month of October, so why not take a look at some of the following make up looks – including gory zombies, gothic reapers, fanged vampires, and more. You can add some prosthetics and props to improve the look even further, and make yourself a terrifying creature for trick-or-treating, costume parties, and much more!

Gory Zombie Make Up

Zombies are a classic Halloween look, and now you can go the extra mile and become a member of the walking dead that everyone will remember! With the help of the Gory Zombie Makeup Ideas for Halloween tutorial, there are plenty of ways for you to become a body risen from the grave! Find information about how to get a gruesome scar look on your face, add a bloody cleaver deep into your skull, and make some bright and eye-catching contacts. There’s even a video for making gruesome and bloody nails for zombies or werewolves!

Gothic Glamour/Reaper Bug Make Up

This unique look is a great way to get a creepy Halloween style that will be memorable for all of the other costume guests! Take a look at the Gothic Glamour/Reaper Bug Makeup Tutorial, by PinkStylist, to become the mutated combination of a ghostly widow and a “Reaper Bug” from the recent United Kingdom TV series, Jekyll and Hyde. It’s a creepy, dangerous look that’s perfect for a ghoulish costume party.

Vampire Make Up

Bare your teeth and let the guests of your Halloween party know they’re in for a wild night when you take a look at the Vampire Makeup Tutorial! This bit of Halloween make up may be a little more subdued than some of the options here, but it still helps you create a hot-blooded look that includes a few vampire fangs, a little bit of fake blood, and a sexy vampire costume. Watch the video to get useful instructions you can use when you want to make a statement at your costume party, when you go trick-or-treating, or for any other dress-up reason!

Slashes and Stitches Make Up

If you want to put yourself together for a night of dress-up fun, why don’t you take a look at the Slashes and Stitches Makeup Tutorial! There are a couple of options to choose from on this article, and both of them are sure to help you get the perfect look. The first is a stitches look that’s perfect for looking like the Bride of Frankenstein or a torn-up doll look, or you can find out how to get big, gruesome scratches, as if you’ve been attacked by a dangerous creature like a werewolf!

Skinned Masquerade Look

A masquerade is a common theme for a Halloween costume party, but now you can add something that the other guests will never expect! With the help of the Skinned Masquerade Mask Makeup Tutorial, you can make it look like you’re hiding behind your own face – until you take your mask away to reveal the gruesome bloody flesh underneath! Bloody make up ideas like this one, when paired with a slinky masquerade costume, is sure to make you a guest that everyone will be talking about as soon as you enter! See how to get this amazing look with an easy to use video tutorial!

Zombie Snow White Make Up

Do you love Disney, but also want to get an amazingly terrifying makeup look – perfect for an adults-only costume party! With the help of the Zombie Snow White Makeup Tutorial, it’s easy to frighten everyone as this classic fairy tale character that has gone through a horrible transformation! It includes a video that helps you get a professional make up look that combines popular zombies and classic Disney characters! From huge, sharp teeth, bloody lips, and scars around the face to bright blue eyes and more, you’ll love being able to create something extra special!

Ghost Pirate Make Up

Pirates have risen in popularity recently, and for Halloween, you may want to get something that’s a little more deadly! With the help of the Ghost Pirate Makeup Tutorial, you can become a haunted pirate captain for your next night of costume parties, trick-or-treating, and any other event you can think of. You’ll get a skull face paint, a hollow nose, an unstoppable creepy leer with lipless teeth, and eye contacts to complete the look. With the help of a ghostly pirate costume and a worn and tattered tri-corner hat, you’ll be ready to hunt for buried treasure, haunt a pier, and much more with these Halloween make up ideas.

Evil Necromancer Make Up

The Evil Necromancer Makeup Tutorial is a wonderful way to make sure you look great for your next night of Halloween costume parties, when you go trick-or-treating with your little ghouls or monsters, or any other reason! This makeup tutorial includes a handy video guide you can use to make sure you get an amazing look, and now you can add all kinds of wonderful details as you prepare to raise the dead from their graves! This look includes fake teeth, blood-red contacts, a prosthetic nose, and some amazing face paint that will all come together to make you look perfect!

Gory make up ideas and Halloween costumes are the perfect way to celebrate your Halloween! Any of these fun looks are sure to help you get something amazing and memorable for your next night – become a legendary creepy creature with ease and a little bit of make up know-how!

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