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Posted on Apr 15, 2015

Tribal Princess Makeup Tutorial by Love Birdy

Tribal Princess Makeup Tutorial by Love Birdy

Makeup stylist and face paint artist Love Birdy has given us a hand in the past when it comes to pairing costumes with makeup. In fact, last Halloween she created this awesome skull makeup tutorial for us, which you can check out at that link.

The other day, when we asked her to choose one of our costumes and create a unique makeup look to go with it, she didn’t disappoint! Here’s the result: Birdy’s take on this Tribal Princess is a little bit of Avatar, and a little bit of Pocahontas. Speaking of which, makeup like this can really serve to spice up a Pocahontas costume, too. We were especially impressed by the way the false eyelashes mimic the headdress. Amazing!

If you’re interested in getting the look, here’s the full video tutorial with instructions from beginning to end.

Click to expand quick step-by-step

Begin by sponging on a mix of blue, teal, and green colors, blending the borders between them with a fluffy brush. You can find the complete list of the exact shades that Love Birdy used in the YouTube description of her video.


With some dark blue eye shadow on an angled brush, create a dark blue line that connects an arc from the corner of each eye upwards to the hairline.


Continue this line underneath the eye as well.


Paint some small white highlights at the inner corner of each eye.


Add some small dashes of metallic gold paint to these highlights.


Now, it’s time to start adding the final touches. Underneath each eye, create a trail of white dots extending upwards along the blue makeup.


Paint a few more white dots around the eyebrows…


…and fill in the spaces with some black ones, too.


Time to add the headdress from the costume! With it situated comfortably, use a darker shade of blue to blend a border for the makeup around where the headdress will sit.


With a small round brush, paint a white V at the top of the nose. Create a series of smaller nested V shapes inside of it, extending upwards, and paint vertical trails of dots surrounding them.


Use the same brush to make a series of skinny tear drop shapes along the hairline. Start larger in the middle, and get gradually smaller as you work your way towards the outside.


With every thing else completed, use some silver metallic paint to create tiny dots in between all the other dots and around the whole face.


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