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Posted on Jul 15, 2015

Welcome to The Nightmare Collection

Welcome to The Nightmare Collection


With our entire cast of costumes and characters, we’ve been making Halloween dreams and nightmares come true for a long time.

Now, with the help of artist and master sculptor Mario Chiodo, we’re bringing the horror to life in ways that have never been done before.


This is The Nightmare Collection:


Created exclusively for, these Halloween masks are more than just costumes: they’re living, breathing, wearable pieces of art. Each piece is hand-painted to get the most realistic textures and finishes possible, and natural rubber latex, synthetic hair, and other world-class materials make them the finest costumes available anywhere, period.

Use the slideshow below to take a closer look at each one of these otherworldly creatures.



Amphibious Alien

As a squadron of the most elite international special forces surrounded the downed spacecraft, none could have been prepared for the Lovecraftian horror that would emerge. Clad in an armor of scales and tentacles, the extraterrestrial creature reveals itself for only a moment before fleeing into the muddy, murky water.

Now, this grotesque insectoid being has appeared once again, to signal the coming of a full-scale alien invasion. The only option for us is to join it – and help spread its message of fear.


Demon Knight

Shrouded in rattling plate armor and spiked pauldrons, the demon knight takes his usual place at the back of the darkened tavern. A mask of twisted horns, yellowed bone, and soulless eye sockets conceal his true form as he scans the group of his fellow patrons, goblet in hand.

To those that also relish the thrill of the scare, he invites you to proudly take up your scythe and join him on his eternal quest.


Schnoz Goblin

Orcs, ogres, and trolls aren’t exactly known for their personal hygiene, and no one knows them better than this goblin. Well accustomed to the odors of death and decay himself (perhaps a little too well), he’s more than happy to guide wary travelers on their journeys through the underworld.

Back inside the old and musty pub, they laugh along with his stories as well as his appearance. As a Schnoz Goblin of your own design, you’ll be guaranteed to attract just as much attention.


Grim Jester

Sometimes, the only thing that’s more unnerving to hear on an empty night than a scream, is a laugh. The Grim Jester is well-versed in both: demons may delight in his wicked sense of humor, though not every victim of his black comedy will agree.

He’s the life of the party on the night of the dead, and with a ghostly grin of your own, you’re more than welcome to share the stage.


Mystical Sorceress

Glowing orbs and cryptic runes surround the mystical sorceress, as she finds her way through the cobblestoned catacombs beneath the city streets. Magic missiles and acid arrows leap forth from her fingertips, as other sorceries and dark illusions leave enemies entranced and spellbound.

On a night where the most evil of magicks of every sort abound, protection from evil may only be found by embracing the darkness yourself.


Post-Apocalyptic Warrior

After the coming of Armageddon, only the truest warrior will find their destiny. Standing alone on the desert battlefield, strewn with corpses and the decrepit remnants of various war machines, this post-apocalyptic soldier has only just embarked on his greatest journey of all.

Through raging flames and under blackened skies, the fear brought by his blade will be felt by all that wish to oppose him. In battle there is no law, but those once loyal must answer for their crimes.


Steampunk Frankenstein

Resurrected from pieces of the dead and kept alive by pieces of clockwork, this steam-powered creature will stop at nothing to make the villagers bend to his will.

As the scent of putrid flesh and the sounds of clanging copper draw near, so does the time to scare. Some seek fascination in the combination of scars, sutures, gears, and vents, but most find only horror.


Primal Beast

Muscles ripple and twitch beneath matted fur as the experiment breaks free of its restraints, seeking revenge on the medical researchers that made him the monstrosity that he is. The genetic serum that caused curled fangs and twisted horns to grow has also cultivated an insatiable bloodlust.

With the strength of 100 apes and a blood-curdling roar, not even the legendary King Kong could match the pure, primal rage of this beast. King Kong was just a movie, but this power is real.


Chomping Spider

Even hordes of brown recluses and black widows frantically skitter away from this hulking mammoth of an arachnid, as it emerges from its dungeon dwelling. Chattering spider fangs prepare to inject deadly venom into the creature’s latest victim, a helpless human ensnared in silken strands and suspended in midair.

On Halloween, conquer your fear of spiders by spreading it to those around you. You’ll weave a web of unprecedented horror in this mask.


Snarling Werewolf

The legend of the werewolf is a common one, though the beasts themselves are alive and well. Just a glimmering twilight under a full moon is enough to invoke the transformation in cursed individuals, as you’ve become painfully aware.

It’s unclear whether witchcraft or wizardry has created the gene-warped nightmare in the mirror, but as you continue examining your new-found features, a new-found hunger for flesh arises within.

Warrior Princess

Warrior Princess

As the beast finally slumps to the arena floor, bloodied and battered, the champion is met with riotous admiration from the swelling crowd of spectators. A single battle is never enough for this berserker: as she raises her fists in victory, demanding a challenger worthy of her skills, it becomes evident why queens envy her beauty and kings crave her power.

With a triumphant roar of your own, you can bring this ancient warrior princess back to life for one more fight.


Ember, the Red Dragon

Columns of magma, erupting from miles beneath the twisting earth, signal the arrival of the Red Dragon. Surrounded by crags of brimstone and oceans of flame, he watches the world burn as shields, swords, chain mail, and suits of plate lay molten in his wake.

The mighty Ember has risen from the ashes – the choice of whether to embrace the heat of this crimson drake, or go out in a blaze of glory, remains yours.


Cinder, the White Dragon

A slight chill in the autumn air deepens into a mighty, wintry howl as Cinder, the White Dragon, soars above. Icy white scales reflect snow-capped mountain peaks in the moonlight as his flight reaches beyond the permafrost to an uncharted, frozen expanse of icebergs and glaciers.

With the crystallizing breath of the White Dragon swirling into a biting wind at your back, neither forces of nature nor the seasons themselves can stand in your way.


Smolder, the Black Dragon

On this black magic night, darkness descends from the heavens as the return of the serpent king draws nigh.  As he hones razor claws and spreads dragon wings, one needs only speak his name – Smolder – to strike fear in the hearts of all those who hear it.

Summon the Black Dragon and join his reign of terror, crafting epic tales while leaving behind scorched earth and slain knights.


About the sculptor, Mario Chiodo

From popular consumer products to inspirational public art, Mario Chiodo and Chiodo Art Development have revolutionized the art and Halloween industries with game-changing design for over 25 years.

Since the 1980s, his ventures have included everything from wearables, decor, and collectibles to dynamic artwork installations for Lucasfilm, Google headquarters, Universal Studios, and more. Now, alongside and The Nightmare Collection, Chiodo is making his return to the Halloween scene.


This is your chance.

Make this Halloween the best Halloween of all-time. Step outside of your everyday comfort zone and into the nightmarish persona of the most amazing and monstrous masks that anyone has ever seen. Share your thoughts on The Nightmare Collection, as well as your Halloween plans, with us on Facebook and on Twitter @BuyCostumes.



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