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Posted on Jun 28, 2014

Witch Hats: Not Just For Wearing

Witch Hats: Not Just For Wearing

The Halloween decorating brainstorm has begun here at BuyCostumes! As we’ve been using our heads to think of the best ways to make your Halloween amazing this year, what’s more fitting than decorating with hats? Specifically, witch hats – the spooky chapeaus have been an iconic symbol of October for ages, but you can do so much more than just wear them.

Read on to see our wonderfully witchy decorating tips!

Suspend a few basic black witch hats from the ceiling on varied lengths of fishing line to help build a Halloween atmosphere.

No witch is complete without her broomstick! Alongside a plastic cauldron stuffed with gourds and other ingredients for the brew, it makes a great party piece.

Witch shoes can help you get the look too – perhaps she’s melted and left them behind, much like a certain wicked witch we all know and love.

Here’s how you can make your own totally DIY witch hat decoration.

  • From some thick black craft paper or cardstock, cut out a circle – it can be as large or as small as you want.
  • Cut a slit into the circle from the edge straight to the center, roll into a cone shape, and tape in place.
  • Use your cone to trace a circle onto another sheet of the same material.
  • Roughly sketch another circle around the one you’ve traced, to get a ring that’s a few inches wide, and cut out the ring.
  • Cut some small slits around the bottom of your cone, and fold them into tabs, as shown.
  • Affix the ring to the top of the taps to create the brim of the witch hat, and tape or glue into place.
  • Display your witch hat decoration on a table, hang it from the ceiling, or fill it with Halloween goodies!

Speaking of which, Halloween treats deserve to be dressed up too! These witch hat cupcakes are as simple as an upside-down chocolate sugar cone and a circle of black fondant on top of the frosting. A little bit of decorator’s icing can be piped on to create the buckle and band embellishments.

For another fun snack idea, serve “skewers” of mini donuts on mini witches’ broomsticks! Faux and real straw alike can be found at most craft stores; simply use a twist-tie to affix it to a lollipop stick. Frog Prince made these “perfectly poisonous parfait” dessert shooters by layering together vanilla pudding and orange non-pariels in a tall glasses, topped with crushed Oreos and tiny paper hats.

Witch hats can even be made into fabulous caramel corn cornucopias! A little bit of tulle ribbon helps to keep it upright, and lining with a little bit of black paper or parchment prevents stickiness.

Click inside this graphic to Shop This Look and put on your favorite hat! With so many styles to choose from, we’ve broken it down into the best ones. For even more wonderfully witchy atmosphere, try some lifesize witch props. This animated witch with cauldron and flying witch are both sure to get great reactions!

If you liked these decorating tips and want to see more like them, let us know! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and check out our Pinterest boards for even more ideas and inspiration.


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