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  • Striped Tuxedo Jacket, Vest, Shirt, Tie, Striped Pants, Gloves & Handkerchief
  • This is an officially licensed item.
With an evil laugh and a wicked ear-to-ear grin, the Joker remains Batman's most treacherous enemy! Batman's arch nemesis, known to Gotham City as the Joker, is not only a sinister prankster dancing on the jagged edges of evil, but his adept sense of what's threatening makes depravity seem like a simple plaything! Capture the delightful debauchery of the supervillain, the Joker, when you wear this fantastic Joker Men's Costume! When you look in the mirror while dressed as the Joker, you'll see what it's like to have just risen out of the depths of a vat of chemical waste! Your hair may be green, but you've transformed into a royal pain for Batman with your brilliant yet regal purple suit! This bright purple jacket is no ordinary costume piece. This full-length jacket features the neon purple colors that only come from being dipped in toxic chemical waste! Two pockets line the outer side of the jacket, so you, as the Joker, can stash all your gadgets! All it takes to stir Batman's rage is a simple pick of your pocket to see what devilish gadget emerges with which to taunt your enemies! A neon green vest matches the grotesquely green hair that characterizes the Joker! You might want to dye your hair green if it isn't already so, in order to capture the full essence of the Joker! A pair of purple pants add a touch of menacing class to your authentic Joker look! The city is ready for the Joker! Captivate and entrance your fellow partygoers with your illustrious, clownish Joker charm when you wear this fascinating Joker Men's Costume!

Additional Information

Product Number: CH03609
Care Instructions: Dry Clean Only
Material: 100% Polyester
Warning: To avoid danger of suffocation keep away from babies and children. Do not use in cribs beds, carriages, or play pens.
Gender: M

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